Thursday, 17 December 2009

Day 34: Guard Pass

It was so cold tonight. I should go buy a pair of socks with grips on them because the mat was like stepping on ice. We did some guard passes which is great because it is an area I want to get better at. I feel like such a clumsy dick sometimes though when doing drills. You need to be nimble and quick for jiu-jitsu. I suppose I am getting there because a little guy who I spar with who has a great guard didn't give me much trouble tonight. Perhaps he was having an off day.

One of the brown belts got me into a twister from under kesagatame and I asked him to show me it. He always seems reluctant to teach stuff. I don't know if it's because he thinks on the fly and never seems to remember what he did or he is not a team player. I get the impression that he likes to keep stuff secret. He told me that he had a pro fight in pancrase which is very impressive. I can believe it too because he is good.

After telling koyama-san about my stiff joints problem, he showed me his hands. They were gnarled and crooked and his fingers were splayed in different directions with the joints at an exaggerated size. I bet that is how I end up. As long as there is no pain eventually, I don't care. I actually got an ezekiel choke on him tonight. I don't know what he was doing, obviously let me but he seemed bummed out that I got him with it. It was a fluke. A newer white belt, newer that me was there. He is small and because he is new, was easy to tool around with. I practiced a couple of sweeps and messed around with positions and let him get a few positions because we are all here to learn right. The more he gets better, the more strong opponents that I have to go up against.

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