Thursday, 15 October 2009

Day 8: Passing the open guard

I took 3 days off BJJ to let my arms rest. I think it worked because they feel 100% again. I was worried it was bicep tendonitis. We started working on the open guard pass. A lot of variations which makes my head spin. So I've decided to make notes to help me remember some of the moves. I went up against 5 people tonight at 7 mins each opponent. That's a total of 35 minutes rolling. I didn't get any submissions but I tapped a lot. I've decided to not give a shit about tapping out and instead concentrate on certain maneuvers to improve my game. I used the Saulo Ribeiro back escape and it worked like a charm on a blue belt. I'm getting pretty confident defending my back against chokes.

Some things I need to work on.
1. Breaking armbar defences
2. Getting out of side control
3. Have a set method for escaping triangle chokes

There was a purple belt who did not take it easy on me at all last night. I just kept getting controlled and choked from above. It was a bit shit. He did the same thing to everyone except a brown and black belt there. It made me wonder if he is working on chokes this month. I'll keep an eye on him and see. If that is his only game plan, perhaps it is a flaw to exploit when I am a lot better at BJJ.

I got caught in an armbar tonight. Felt my left arm pull, thought that I might be able to get out of it, felt a twinge on the elbow and tapped. It was very close. If I had waited longer, or the guy had not let go at that point it might have been a serious injury. I'm glad he had the sense to react quickly to the tap.

Got home and felt stiff. Used some muscle rub on my arms, broke out my little massage machine and placed a hot pack under by back to help alleviate the muscle ache. It seems to have helped because I'm not so stiff this morning as I usually am. My futon, however, is getting old and that means I get aches and pains because it is just not comfortable to sleep on. I think I'll but a bed or something thicker like a roll up tatami. I need to go buy a rash guard and some DHA supplements today. The rash guard is worn under the jiu jitsu gi to soak up sweat and prevent nasty skin infections like staph. Luckily the guys I roll with are all clean and seem germ free but the rash guard is still a must have.

Need to sleep more. I only have 5 hours sleep because I was starving when I woke up this morning. I think I'm not eating enough.

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