Sunday, 11 October 2009

Day 7: Arms like jelly

Today was the 4th time I've trained this week. Fukuzumi-sensei taught how to move past an open guard today with lots of variations. I was sweating buckets for some reason. During sparring I started with a blue belt who hadn't been for a while. Apparently, he lost about 10 kg or close. Despite that he was gassing very fast. I think he must have lost a lot of weight by just dieting and not working out. I scored an Americana armlock on him and quickly after that I choked him. It felt good but I was a little bit digusted that I managed to do that to him. I think he has let himself go. After that the sensei (black belt) kicked it up a notch during sparring. By the end I could feel my mouth was so dry that my lips were pulled back away from my teeth. I probably looked like a leering skeleton. It was so hard just to survive. There was a small blue belt guy there who kept me pinned so I could do nothing. He put his hooks into me and his shins felt like razor blades, it really fucking hurt and made me a bit angry. I don't know why it would hurt like that, perhaps he is just bony or has short legs so they rubbed at a weird place on my own. I was completely knackered after the workout and could hardly drive. My arms felt like the muscle was ready to peel away from the bone. I've got bruises on my hips, lower back and all over my legs. I still enjoy it though and will keep it up. I'll train next on Wednesday. Let my arms get some rest and build up some of the minute fractures that are no doubt present in the muscle fibers. I ate like a horse today, too and don't give a shit about any small bit of fat on my body. I'm down to 71.4 kg now and need to take in a lot more food or risk wasting away.

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