Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Day 6: Recharge

Woke up around 5 am because the ground was shaking. Earthquakes always make my heart beat like a tribal drum. I grabbed my daughter who was sleeping but the quake quickly subsided. It's the first strong one I've felt for a long time. Anyway, I went back to sleep for a few hours then woke and did Recharge which is a 20 something minute stretch video. Chalene Extreme basically has 2 rest days and on the last day you do Burn it off and Recharge together but I decided to split them. The stretch was good, lots of hamstrings. I could have gone on and will probably do so when the weather cools a bit.

Took my son to the pool today and felt fairly good that I am in better condition now. I wish though that I would stop thinking of looking good in front of others and do it for myself. I suppose everyone is like that.

Had a kangaroo burger for lunch followed later by some tuna. Thing is, I had some bad snacks today. I weakened. I need to stop that. Ok. From now, I am going to work harder on my diet. I am currently using the P90X portion plan but still looking around and thinking of making a detailed list of meals for the day. I don't mind eating the same thing each day if it will get me the results. I looked around on Youtube for some ideas and read the Insanity Nutrition plan. While on Youtube I found this guy who was talking about eating and training. Really inspirational and each video has me glued to what he says.

To burn off more calories I'm going to walk for an hour each day. Need to get some good stuff on my walkman. Wish I had an Ipod *sniff*

Here is a link to Bazblog.

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