Monday, 10 August 2009

Day 5: Burn it off

Today was a 27 minute cardio workout. I saw the clock and though "hah, no way is that gonna hurt me." But I was sweating buckets at the end and one exercise had me gasping for air. It was like running inside an oven with the weather today. I hate August in Japan, it's stifling hot and my energy is low until I go into an air-conditioned room. I am enjoying Chalene extreme, got the stretch tomorrow and that is week 1 done. It feels like a vacation after P90X but that's not to say that it's easy.

Difficulty: High
Fatigue: High
Heart rate: Very highe
Fun: Tiringly fun
Sweat: Everywhere!
Hardest exercise: Burpees (a plyo knee tuck followed by a push up position where the legs go back and then in again - repeat) My heart was beating like a drum!

I've been cooking a lot so that I can get a high vegetable intake. I made Ratatouille and spinach soup over the last couple of days. Lots of aubergine, zucchini and other stuff. The spinach soup which was really damn good unfortunately was left out over night and spoilt. I had a couple of bowls of it but the next day it had soured. It's hard to eat bags of spinach and so soup is the best option. Gonna make some more and find some more recipes for veg. soup.
My protein intake is still not high enough. Im eating full eggs and chicken but I need to get more.

Just saw that Beachbody have a new workout coming out next year called RevAbs. Looks interesting.

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