Sunday, 23 August 2009

Day 18: Burn Circuit 3

Had a decent evening workout and used 15 kg for some of the sets. I didn't really find it hard, especially calves. These muscles can take a hell of a lot of punishment and there is no way they are gonna develop in such a short video with such small weight. Let's face it, the calves carry you around all day--and that's a lot of weight.

I had a back twinge all the day and I've been like a bear with a sore tooth. Still, that didn't stop me making a second medicine ball which is just over 10 kg in weight. I tried throwing it and catching it and it really feels like more. I took a sneak peak at the medicine ball workout of Tony's 1-on-1. He only uses 4 and 6 lbs for his balls - ohh err misus! That is much lighter than mine, which are 4.4 and 10 kg. Damn, I think I made my balls too big!

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