Saturday, 22 August 2009

Day 17: Burn Intervals and Abs

Tip of the day: Take care of your liver (you only have one) by cutting down on sugars, fried food. alcohol and caffeine. To improve liver function, take an omega-3 supplement such as fish oil, drink lots of water, eat onions, garlic and lots of green vegetables.

Almost week 3 over now. Wow, time flies so fast. I had a good workout today. I have to say that Burn Intervals really makes me sweat and the transition from cardio to weights is a killer. I can feel my heart thumping in my chest as I go to pick up the dumbells and it hurts, oh boy, it is tough. My mind tells me to stop and rest, sit down, have some cake and a cup of tea or something ... but I don't, I can't. I'm here to get fit and strong so that I can live my life to the fullest; no crutches or wheelchair for me when I'm in my 60s. I don't want to have to depend on medication to lower my blood pressure, hell no.

I must confess though, that I have one pet hate of this video. The guy in the back. He grunts and shouts and wheezes but I watched him all the way through and he lifts the same damn weight throughout. What is that? 5-10 pounds? The girls are doing the same as him and he is grimacing? I think he is faking and that annoys me. I was using 5 to 10 kg in this workout, busting my ass, taking mid-set breaks when needed. I would much prefer to see a guy in the video t
ake a break now and again because he is pushing himself hard. The guy in the P90X videos, what's his name? Dave? Much respect for him because I can see he is working his ass off.

I made a medicine ball yesterday and it was hell to put the sand into it. In the end I had to make a bigger hole and just scoop it into the ball. It weighs 4.4 kg and I used it today as part of the ab routine. Much better than using a dumbell because there is less twist on the wrists because you can hold the ball more naturally. I'll post a picture of it when I take one.

Calories 1952
  • Fat 101.8g (46%)
  • Protein 116.9g (24%)
  • Carbohydrate 154.4g (30%)

Edit: Here is a shot of the medicine ball with a 10kg barbell for comparison.

In an attempt to eat more vegetables, I made some curried korma bubble and squeak tonight. Ingredients: 1.5 carrots, half onion, half sweet potato, half head of brocolli, small amount of yellow and green pepper, 2 eggs and 3 teaspoons of curry powder, dash of black pepper. Yum.

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