Thursday, 6 August 2009

Day 1: Burn Circuit 1

Just finished day 1 of Chalene Extreme. To be honest I found it a little easy but I understand her principle of heavy weights with few reps (max 12). I will go heavier next time. On a plus note, it is cool to workout to a DVD full of hot women! The guy in the background, grunting and saying things like "Oh, yeah" was annoying because, well, I don't think the exercises are that excessive. Definately a good workout for a woman who is wanting to get into shape though. Chalene's attitude is very positive which I like. Saying things like "Promise you'll be here tomorrow" and such. I actually felt that she was talking to me during the workout whereas with Tony H. I feel like he is performing for me. (Respect for him despite this mind you.) I have to say that I like how the exercises are synergistic, it cuts a lot of time.

Through the workout I was so wishing that I had a set of Boflex dumbells. Arggh why are they so damn expensive?

Here are some scores for this DVD.
Difficulty: Moderate
Fatigue: Slight
Heart rate: Low (hardly above 110)
Fun: High
Hardest exercise: Bench press and leg lower

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