Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Chalene Extreme - Fitness Test

Well, after a week of sitting on my backside and eating cake. (Not every day!) I have decided to get on with it and do Chalene Extreme. This is another 90 day workout geared towards the ladies by my understanding but also one that men can do. I've heard it's not as hard as P90X but harder than the other stuff, I can't wait to see. Anyway, today I did the fitness test for it and here are the results.

Max. push ups -- 51 (*cry* less than last week but it was to failure)
Crunches -- 37 (did these very slow but still the number seems low to me)
Squats -- 160 (squats with no weight seemed silly to me. I could go on all day doing them but got bored at this number)
Forearm plank -- 2 min 9 sec (A new one for me and wow it was harder than I thought)
Overhead press -- 13 reps at 12.5kg (Just right)
Bicep curls -- 15 reps at 12.5kg (hmm I need more weight, I'll try 15kg)
Sit and reach -- 96 mm reach (little stiff today)
Weight -- 74 kg
Body fat -- 13.5%
Waist -- 78 cm

Ok well I start tomorrow so I better get a good night sleep.

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