Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Judo Day 12: Foot Sweeps

I wasn't aware that Judo would start 30 minutes earlier today so arrived just for the last round of newaza. I was a bit bummed by that because I wanted to practice hiding the arm and neck against cross-facing when an opponent comes around for side control.

Still it was good training and I enjoyed it a lot. I asked Kumagai-san, who is one of the older guys who comes to train at the dojo, for advice on uchi-mata. He showed me the correct hand position. It seemed different to what F-sensei taught me so I am beginning to believe that like BJJ, Judo has small variations depending on who you ask.

During sparring I landed an outer foot sweep (kosoto gari) against one of the black belts and both of us were completely shocked. It was so well time and I don't even remember thinking about it. In fact, I have no idea where it came from. This gives me hope in the fact that I can perfect this technique because it is very useful in BJJ. I used it a few times after that on the white belts to test it by pulling them hard to make them move back so their front foot becomes light and easy to sweep.

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