Thursday, 28 August 2014

On the Mat Day 517: Thursday morning class

I went to attend the Thursday morning class. It's is just technique and some drilling with no sparring. I could not do reverse shrimps because of my groin tear. Other than the pain from that everything else was fine as long as I took it slowly. We did basic stuff, which is what this class is all about. I plan to attend Thursday morning and Sunday class for a while until I am fully healed. It was good to get on the mat again with Fukuzumi sensei.

Yesterday I went to my physiotherapist. He manipulated gave me a deep tissue massage around the groin and inside my lower abdomen. I feel pain emanating from the lower abs now the most and his fingers pushing into the muscle of my stomach felt like he was pushing down into my internal organs but it wasn't. The muscle pain there was quite bad and I had always put it down to poor digestion of food and not actual muscle pain. With a few more weeks of the therapy I got yesterday I think it will get better fast now that we have pinpointed the bad areas.

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