Sunday, 24 August 2014

On the Mat Day 516: Sunday morning drills

My groin injury felt a little better so I took off to drilling class today to test the water. I've very little strength when trying to raise it and it still hurts a little when I sneeze or cough. The thing is, staying off the mat is starting to affect me in normal life. I get angrier faster and snap at my kids a lot more. I need to be on the mat to get rid of the energy that normal exercise just doesn't cut it.

When I arrived only Yoshida-san was there so I was glad that I went otherwise he would have had to wait for an hour until Ogiyama-san arrived. All I did was side escape drill. I figure that with the month off, I will probably end up in that position a lot when I start to spar again so may as well work on it. Plus, I've given a lot of thought to getting back to basics during my time off. I really need to stop going after the shiny stuff and concentrate on the bare bones of BJJ. Improving hip escapes and creating space through escapes. When my leg is stronger I will work on takedowns and passing and rotate through these 3 things for the time being. Most of my injuries have in fact came through me playing bottom so I want to improve my top game and escapes.

There were a few times during my time off that I felt about quitting. Sick of the injuries, tired of the heat and sweat, other guys pressing me into the ground but I just couldn't live without it in the end - I know that. I can now sympathize with the guys who take a long time off due to some injury or other and never come back. It's hard to kick those gears back into place and go back to the club.

As for P90X2, I have the last recovery week to do then that's it. I'll write up a review of it after that.

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