Friday, 24 January 2014

On the Mat Day 453: My Favourite Friday Morning Workouts

Yes that's Kurt Osiander on the cover! Handsome devil that he is.
I've been really busy this week with work and stepping onto the mat to relieve some of that pressure felt really good. I notice that when I have a lot of built up pressure my movement seems better from the warmup until the end. It's probably my body just wanting to be free of the computer desk and chair I have to sit in to do translation work.

It's been so cold lately that I've started to wear my old wrestling boots or I get terrible chilblains. It was worse from Sunday after spending 2 hours on the mat my feet were like blocks of ice. When my feet start to thaw out the blood in the vessels apparently seeps through the skin causing chilblains and it is so unbelievably painful. Since I started wearing boots my feet have been great. They always say that in the army you need to keep good care of your feet or you're fucked. This fact applies to anything really.

After F-sensei taught us dela Riva to sitting guard sweeps, we sparred a little then he asked me if I wanted to buy the latest Jiu-Jitsu Nerd addition. I don't always read it all since it is mostly filled with competition results but I like to support my community so I bought a copy for 500 yen. They are quite good quality and full of colour pictures. This is a far cry to the old COMBAT magazines I used to buy as a kid where the ink would rub off on my fingers.

Oh and here are some pics when the guys from GRIP Jiu Jitsu came to visit us.

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