Sunday, 19 January 2014

On the Mat Day 451: Pure Action Without Thought

I woke at 6.30 this morning and went to the drilling class until 9 am. There were 6 of us in total turned up. One of the older guys, he's in his 50s turned up for maybe the first time along with the regulars. It was a decent turn out considering the dojo was hovering around 2 degrees Celsius i.e. god damn cold.

I partnered up with Kondo and mainly focused on 2 things: Omoplata and Berimbolo
I've always liked the lasso spider guard and am working on ways to move forward with it when the opponent stuffs my attack. This mostly comes in the form of them pushing with their knee to release my hooking foot. What I do now is to either transition into a de la Riva hook and then berimbolo or lasso on the other side and also hook under his hamstring to sweep on the other side. I practiced this counter a lot today so that I can eventually do it without thought. As in the title of this post, I am looking to master some counter techniques that I can pull of without even thinking about it by responding to triggers. The trigger in this case is the knee coming up to remove my hook. When I see that, it's my GO sign to transition. I'm trying to discover these signs that tell me to move and really visualize it so that I make my response without thinking, kind of like a hypnotist would do with a click of the fingers I guess.

I also practiced lapeloplata, baratalata, and continued omoplata when the opponent jumps over since I get countered with these.

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