Tuesday, 8 October 2013

On the Mat Day 417: Weird Guard Passing

For some reason last nights training was one of those where I gassed fairly fast and nothing seemed to work for me. This usually happens at the start of the week for me and I get better by Friday comes. I also didn't eat a lot yesterday so this may have caused it. I had a shock when I woke up today because the scales told me that I was 71.6 kg when only the other day I had been 74 kg. Perhaps I was severely dehydrated. I've been drinking lots of water today to get it back.

F-sensei taught us some unusual guard passing. They were not the usual Barbosa guard passes but I think he mentioned they were done by Xande Ribeiro, although I've never seen any instructional for them. I liked the one at the end because it was very flash. It went like this. The opponent is on his back in open guard, with my right hand I grab his left knee at the pants. My left hand controls his right leg with a C-grip. I use my right knee and the right hand on his pants to put pressure on him forward. My left knee comes to the mat, I slip my head under his right knee like I'm putting on a sweat and somersault forward, landing on his right side. I then turn into him to take side control.

When sparring with K-sensei, I made the same mistake twice in reverse dela Riva guard (spiral guard). I need to put my free leg on his hip to prevent him from coming forward. After doing this twice and when we finished sparring, he came over to me and told me about it. I really like K-sensei because he seems to have my best interest at heart. I really get a sense that he wants me to improve. F-sensei on the other hand never really gives me advice unless specifically asked which really frustrates me. At times I think you need someone to come up to you and tell you your mistakes. It gives you something to focus on.

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