Thursday, 10 October 2013

On the Mat Day 418: Typhoon coming and I cycle to the dojo

So I cycled to the club despite there being a typhoon on the horizon. I had to because I needed to get to Kanayama afterwards to meet a friend. It was a miserable day but a good training session.

We did passing from grabbing the pants at the knees again, which moved into a stacking pass and the flip over pass which I like. I need to get that one down on video before I forget it.

Atsushi turned up during the day so had a good round with him. He always tries for crucifix so my defense against them is getting better. He tried to turn it into a twister but because K-sensei tries them on me all the time I am used to defending against it. I managed to pull my upper body away and catch his foot for a knee slicer using my own shin. It must have hurt but he gritted through it before almost whispering the words "Give up". It felt like an old Pancrase bout they used to have 20 years ago. I guess he just didn't want to tap but instead felt better saying it by mouth - was weird.

F-sensei is off to Taiwan tomorrow to train at Taiwan BJJ with Makoto. He mentioned that he will teach a seminar and that there are a lot of big tough guys over there so was not looking forward to having to perform well against them. I guess even veteran black belts get butterflies when going into a new gym to train because of the size of the target on their back. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to travel around some dojo over here to just put myself out there, meet people, and get over any anxiety I have of rolling with new folks.

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