Friday, 4 October 2013

On the Mat Day 416: Berimbolo

This week has been all about the Berimbolo. It has really reinforced the techniques in my head this time and I think I could pull it off if I ever find myself in an open 50-50 guard like situation. I doubt I could start the technique versus a standing opponent because I am no good at dela Riva but I am good at inverting. It's been a fun week with this technique.

Unfortunately not many people came today. The weather was great, too. Clear sky and cool temperatures. I biked to class, which is a good warmup in itself, used the judo bands to get my arms going, did a few reps with the kettlebell then I was set to go.

A new guy has started. He must be around 50 kg, he looks so small. He is young though, and had good balance and energy when I sparred light with him. Should be interesting to see how he gets on. It will be good to see more people joining. I'm still hoping that some day F-sensei can reach his goal of 200 students and fulfill his plan of opening a bigger dojo. I dream of a place that is cool in summer and heated in winter, with a western toilet and showers like Gold's gym has over here.

At the end of class I worked a couple of techniques with Matt because he has decided to come in the morning as well so we can work some techniques together. He seems to be worried about his weight for competing. I am 75.5 kg with my Tatami kimono which is perfect. I practiced a few different sweeps from sitting guard after the video below gave me some ideas. This guy BJJSCOUT is really good at breaking down the strategies of the top BJJ players.

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