Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tapout XT Day 6: Legs and Back

I  had a 2 hour nap today and then got into this workout. It is nowhere near as hard as the P90X version. There are lots of low impact movements with the legs. The thing is most of them use a band strapped around the ankles. There are also push ups with the bands around your wrists. I think the name of the workout is a bit misleading to be honest. It should be Legs and some Back. I miss my pull up workout from P90X. After the first week of the Tapout XT series I think there are too many similar exercises. It seems like every day you have to do plank and some form of push up. I don't mind the push ups but restricting an entire workout series to just bands really leaves you with little to work with.

Workout: Legs and Back
Type: Focused leg workout, low cardio effect
Time: Around 40 minutes
Tools: Long and short resistance band

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