Saturday, 7 July 2012

On the Mat Day 279: Knee Shield Escapes

Again we practices escapes where I have to bridge, shrimp and pull my shoulder under me then use a knee shield to create space. I think this type of escape is better suited to me since I often use a knee shield. I've noticed that I am much faster at coming to my knees from an escape now which probably means I have more gas in my tank.

While sparring with a brown who kills me I created space, escaped, moved into position and swept him all in a flowing motion. I usually do something, pause, do next thing, pause. This gives people time to react but now I feel that I am stronger in my cardio. I hope to eventually have enough endurance to continually chain attacks together to overwhelm my opponent.

Shake dat thang.
Before class I had an energy drink called Monster because let's face it, this week has been rough. 6 am workouts have taken it out of me. I need to get lots of sleep this weekend. The drinks basically tasted the same as Red Bull. They're all the same as far as I can tell. Loaded with caffeine. I found my hands shaking later on in the night and my heart racing - maybe I shouldn't drink them.

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