Tuesday, 2 March 2010

On the Mat Day 52: Arm Triangles

Some of the moves tonight were new to me. I've seen one of the chokes before from side control but the steps shown tonight were more intricate than I've seen before. I remember a few of them but will have to get some more lessons in this week to solidify them into my brain and body.

There were a lot of folks tonight. I sparred but of course was careful not to put too much weight on my foot. Folks were taking it easier on me which is cool but that isn't to say I got a free ticket. I got a few moves off but my mind still turns to shit when I am rolling. Only afterwards do I think about what I should have done. I think I'm getting at passing the guard though. Yeah, definately. We drill that a lot so my body is slowly recalling those moves without me having to think about it.

This week at home I have been doing abwork. The previous night I did RevAbs Merciless Abs, which wasn't so tough. The V-ups are hard though. After class tonight I also did my standard 10x3 pull ups and 20x3 neck rolls.

In the car on the way there I listened to Fightworks Podcast which interviewed Royler Gracie. He talked about how that you should just go to the class and have fun rolling, let off some steam, get rid of the stress of the day-Enjoy it and not try to smash people or be the best. That's what I do now. I realize that 5 months ago when I entered the dojo that I had a huge ego. BJJ is a martial art that breaks down the ego before rebuilding it with confidence. Those people who can't lose the ego ultimately never continue doing BJJ. They never get past that first stumbling block and not only build their skill but become a better person. It's weird. I've never felt such a feeling about any sport. What you put in, you get back from BJJ. I see that now.

Total sparring time: 6 x 6 mins

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