Saturday, 13 March 2010

On the Mat 57: Choke from Mount

It was a good night for training. I got a lot out of it. There were only 4 of us but it gave me lots of opportunity to ask Koyama-san questions about a few things that had bothered me. Mostly guard passing and he taught me a couple of other knee passes.

The main practice was based on the mount and when the opponent turns out of the mount, what to do. There were a few things that I'd not thought of before, like Ezekiel choke.

I heard that Atsushi-kun has injured his knee sparring with Suzuku-san. I can see why because Suzuki is pretty rough. When I watch youtube or other dojos sparring I wonder if its just the Japanese who go balls to the wall or if it's just our dojo. Many of the guys who are judo based just go all out. I'm hoping to slow my game down so I can work at a pace my brain can pick out the moves I need.

I've been watching TUF5 recently. BJPenn vs Jens Pulver. I have to say that Penn's jiu jitsu is very smooth and it is great that I can now appreciate watching it. Was a good fight but disappointed in BJ not giving any comment at the end of the fight.

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