Monday, 15 March 2010

On the Mat Day 58: Udetaguri (reeling in the arms)

This is a sort of pre-post before I go to class. I've decided to take a more proactive role to my training and give myself goals for each lesson. Tonight I have decided to work on 3 things.

1. Arm drags (how many can I do during sparring)
2. Under hooks (same again, how many?)
3. Use one of the techniques taught today during sparring

This doesn't mean to say that I will be arm dragging and under hooking people like crazy, but I should definitely be doing more of them. Setting up this goal will make me focus and be more conscious of doing these moves; something I forget to do a lot and always miss the chance once it has passed.

So I had a great workout last night. We started practicing pull the opponent with arm drags and enveloping his arm with my own then sweeping from butterfly guard. I've not seen these sweeps before so I was a little slow.

My goals payed off. All I thought about doing was arm drags and under hooks and as a result my percentage of using these went way up. I have no idea how many I did of each but it was a hell of a lot more than normal. I arm dragged a blue belt to take the back probably 3 times in a row. He just got back from a shoulder injury so was gassing quite badly though. I also nearly got a few of the other guys with the drag. When I was getting my guard passed, I went for the under hook or fought for them more often which prevented me from getting taken to side control. I did get stuck under people a few times but that was because I was really tired and sort of gave up :( This was especially true when sparring with the black belt instructor. I move and he counters, I move again and bam, he is right there again. It's tough.

I also tried the technique of the night and made it work once. Although, the blue belt let me get it somewhat. I really feel my arm drags on my left side are improving a lot. I actually do them with my son quite a bit to get used to the movement. It feels like a dance at times. I will keep these goals for the rest of the week.

Sparring time: 7 rounds x 7 minutes = 47 minutes.

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