Saturday, 16 January 2010

Day 45: Sweeps and Stretching

So I just this minute finished the P90X Stretch and boy did I need it. I have pains and aches in every part of my body. Thanks to the stretch I feel a bit more lose and nimble. Last night I went to the dojo. We studied the same sweep plus a few other things. I asked at the end about the underhook pass and was given some pointers. There were only 4 of us total last night but I enjoyed it despite the cold. Right away during the warm up my body seemed to respond very well. It felt like I was on a high or something and my energy was high. That continued over into sparring where I felt I moved a lot better than usual. At one point the brown belt put me in an omoplata and I tried to escape but he held me back and I think I hurt my neck as I tried to roll. It still hurts today but it could have been more serious if he was rougher. He's a good guy and is about the same size as me, very relaxed and moves extremely well. I borrowed Macelo Garcia's X guard book from the dojo and the introduction was really interesting. He seems like a really genuine guy who was not fooled as I was by karate.

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