Friday, 15 January 2010

Abs and Yoga

I did the Mercy Abs routine from RevAbs yesterday. I followed that with 30 minutes of Yoga in which both my kids interrupted me in the end so I couldn't finish well but it made me laugh when they both started crawling all over me.

Mercy Abs really isn't so hard. It's somewhere in between Ab100 and AbRipperX, probably close to the harder abs on the original P90 tapes. Still it's a good start. My abs are still strong from doing jiu-jitsu, just my back muscles are sore and hurt on the flexion.

My wife made a comment yesterday which made me smile. She mentioned how it seems hard for me to get fat even though I am eating a lot of carbohydrates like bread and pasta. It has to be the jiu-jitsu sessions. I remember as a kid doing one lesson a week of karate and having abs like a washboard. Of course, my metabolism was sky high then but doing 3 times a week now should keep me trim. As the weather gets warmer I plan to shed some more fat though. Right now I feel so hungry though and am eating a lot.

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