Monday, 7 December 2009

Day 30: Triangle Chokes

So I'm at the big 30 days. If I was a person who trained once a week, this would be over half a year of training. As a kid, I did Karate once a week and improved very fast. I can only hope that my 3 weeks of jiu-jitsu make up for any defecits in my age or speed of learning the moves. Speaking of which, I do find it hard to remember all the techniques that are shown in class. We are taught 6 or 7 techniques and only drill them for a infinitesmal period of time. It's especially worse when I partner with a blue belt or above. We drill for perhaps 2 times each on one technique then the coloured belt turns back to the sensei waiting for more techniques to be shown. I am always good to go for more drilling but they sit and wait there. It pisses me off a little actually. To ensure maximum retention of technique I think we should all line up with a partner, do the technique twice and then move down so that we switch with a different partner. Not only will this allow people to drill more, but it will let people use the technique on different body types. Perhaps the way jiu-jitsu is taught is intentional so that it takes 10 years to be black belt. I guess the ball is in my court to drill moves outside of class. I only wish my son were older so we could do that. I'll try to drill with some folks at class before and after.

Anway, class was good. Sunday afternoon is always the best class for me. Notable efforts were me sparring with a blue belt who I've never seen before. I think he hasn't been coming much because I caught him in an ezekiel choke and an armbar from mount. I'd like to make the ezekiel choke a signature move because it is so effective and after watching some videos of Saulo Riberio I have become a little better at it.

The competition is a week away. When I enter a competition I am gonna make sure I'm ready for it. I don't think some of the guys take it so seriously and rely on training jiu-jitsu without cardio or weight training.

Well, here is to the next 30 days of jiu-jitsu which should take find me somewhere in February when it will be bloody cold here.

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