Thursday, 3 December 2009

Day 29: Chokes and Stuff from Guard

Things are starting to pick up as we approach the competition. I notice a lot of peeps at the dojo picking up their game and going for subs a lot more. I on the other hand seem to be winding down. Perhaps it's the Christmas thing where English people tend to stop functioning as the festive season approaches. I laid down on the sofa 40 minutes before going to class with my son next to me doodling away. I closed my eyes for a second then the next minute it was time to go - I must have napped. Anyway, I went to the dojo while telling myself 2 things. Relax and tap a lot. That's the advice I give myself.

A lot of people turned up and I fought with a young guy 2-stripe white belt. He threw me with a beautiful judo throw right at the end. He's a big lad and very strong. Usually I see it coming and have a chance to move but no with him. One minute I was standing facing him, the next I was turning in the air. A beautiful throw. He told me later that he had received brown belt ikkyu which is just before black.

It was a good night as always. I managed to get a windmill sweep and protected myself from omoplata but ended with the guy mounting me. Need to work on that. My cardio is deteriorating too. I'll have to address that soon or suffer.

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