Sunday, 9 August 2009

Day 4: Burn Circuit 3

Did this one before breakfast. It was mostly legs and shoulders. I struggled a little on some of them because I was using 12.5 kg for shoulder exercises, which feels like a lot when you do them slow. The workout was 32 minutes and I enjoyed it. Felt annoyed that my wife woke me up this morning but that grumpiness evaporated 5 minutes into the training. Chalene extreme feels like a weight training heavy workout, which I like. Perhaps, it is the opposite to Insanity which is Cardio heavy. Maybe the last month (Lean) is more cardio, I will have to wait and see. I need an intermediatary weight, maybe 7 kg or so. Need to look around for some new bars.

Difficulty: Moderate
Fatigue: High
Heart rate: Moderate
Fun: High
Sweat: A few drops on the mat!
Hardest exercise: Squat with double overhead press (squat and the military press with dumbells - very tiring)

The only thing I would question about the routines is that some of the moves seem a little dangerous. For example, bicep curls while lifting one leg, or calf raises while in a squat position. I can see some people who are fatigued doing those and just falling flat on their faces.

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