Saturday, 8 August 2009

Day 3: Burn Interval and Ab burner

Note to self, do not eat soy-based proteins. I did last night and I could have got the same effect from eating 10 plates of beans - omg! The stuff is just no good as a protein source. Sticking to Whey and Casein now.

Today's workout was a surprise. I had to actually take mid-set breaks. It was a worthy contender for a P90X workout. Lasting around 46 minutes with a 10 min ab workout at the end. I sweated a hell of a lot and my heart rate was really high. To describe it, I would say its a low weight high rep mix with cardio. Basically you use a low weight (I used 7 and 5 kg weights) and do meelions of reps then put them down and jump around to get your heart rate really high. Pity I forgot to put on my heart rate monitor but damn did I have a good workout.

Difficulty: High
Fatigue: High
Heart rate: High
Fun: High
Sweat: Lots!
Hardest exercise: Touch the floor and jump up on one leg (Plyometric burn baby - ow!)

My lower back muscles are tight today after the previous workout so I got tired fast. One thing though, I refuse to use those little pink bands to work out the legs. Perhaps, if there was a blue one, I'd oblige.

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