Friday, 7 August 2009

Day 2: Burn Circuit 2

Couldn't sleep well last night at all. I had to get up every half hour to take a piss, probably a mix of the creatine and Zinc I took. Creatine makes you absorb lot of water but it also makes you pee a lot. Needless to say, a workout this morning was out of the question. I stayed active throughout the day, fixed my bicycle, new brake cables and block and then had a siesta nap. Woke up and got right into doing Burn circuit 2. Chalene says that you may not feel like working out some days but "Just give me 5 minutes," she says. She's right. The headache I had before the workout had vanished and I felt much better for it.

A slightly longer workout today at 37 minutes with bigger muscles groups. The intensity was much harder than yesterday because you are working legs a bit more. I actually like the slow reps Extreme part of the DVD where you do 3 push ups slow or 3 bicep curls slow right at the end of the exercise, that will definately build muscle after you've already exhausted your muscles.

Props for Chalene's little pep talks at the end. I am coming to appreciate how she motivates you to make you keep going.

Difficulty: Higher than moderate
Fatigue: Moderate
Heart rate: Moderate
Fun: High (Some good exercises0
Hardest exercise: Bowler's lunge with single arm row (felt uncomfortable)

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