Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Day 89

Almost there. I did a Recovery workout today instead of the Core Synergistics, not that I hate Core or feel it is too much for me, just that Recovery feels so good. I have Yoga to complete the job tonight and then the fitness test tomorrow.

I still haven't had any word from beachbody about them sending me Insanity. I am so tempted to buy it. It looks like a really professional product. I wish I could get more workout equipment here. Things like, a weight vest for pull-ups and adjustable weights such as Bowflex. I'd love to have a punch bag installed but I don't have the room. Nowhere to hang it.

The weather has cooled a little but it will soon get hot enough so that when I step outside it will feel like living in a Sauna for the next month. I walked by a line of trees this morning full of cicada. They were so noisy and I just groaned thinking about how humid it is about to get. I do Yoga and place my knees on the mat and every time there is a soaked area of sweat there. This is just 5 to 10 minutes into the workout too.

I've ran out of protein powder. I wish there was more variety here. I used to buy Whey Protein made by Champion and it was so good. Now the market is saturated with a single Japanese protein. I'm used to them now but after you've had a shake made with American protein the Japanese tastes so bland. I think they use a lot of splenda in the US manufactured powders.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Fitness tests and Before/After pictures coming soon!

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