Friday, 31 July 2009

Day 90 - The End

It's been a hectic few days. My computer broke down so I haven't been able to upload the last day. Did the last fitness test and here are the results:

Before --- After
Body Stats

Weight 76.8 kg --- 74.4 kg
Body fat 13.8%---14.1%
Chest 100 cm--- 98 cm
Waist 82 cm---78 cm
L.Arm 36 cm---36.5 cm
R.Arm 35.5 cm---35.5 cm
Heart rate 60---54
Blood pressure 118/66---109/63

Physical Test

Max. pull ups 8---17
Max.push ups 46---53
Toe touch +3 cm---+11 cm
Max. wall squat 2 m 36 s---4 m 13 s
Bicep curls (10kg) 36---60
In and outs 64---101

Jumping Jacks
Immediately after 154---140
1 min 140---112
2 min 122---103
3 min 111---93
4 min 106--- (about 90) my heart rate monitor played up here.

I'm really happy with how physically strong I've become. Almost doubling the pull ups and arm curls. I was disappointed with the push ups. I atleast though I'd manage to do 60. My heart rate recovery was a huge improvement. Hopefully, this will be add a few years to my life. I can't understand why my body fat has increased. My diet was really good for the first 2 months then I started on the carbs in month 3. That's where I slacked a little, although, I refrained from eating crap. Next time I will keep carbs very low for the entire 3 months.

-Pics coming soon!

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