Friday, 20 April 2018

On The Mat Day 975: Lose Some, Win Some

I just want to state that BJJ rolling is not about winning or losing, despite the title. It's about improving and discovering mistakes. I've been highly motivated recently. I think the fresh spring weather has helped. I've finally come out of my winter dormancy.

Today at class I sparred with gi and nogi. I tapped to a white belt choking me. I prefer that more than losing consciousness to a white belt choke. I got lazy and didn't respect the first hand deep in my collar. I should know better. A few rolls later I went nogi with my instructor and tapped him with a darce choke. I used the anaconda choke while he was turtled in front of me to roll him then had to use my legs to move his arm that was blocking me (I think I've seen this somewhere before and it's amazing that it came to me in that moment) to tighten it into a darce. I think he let me get the turtle to see if I would use the move of the day on him to be honest. After that he went on wiping the floor with me as usual. It's just a humbling lesson in the fact that anybody can tap anybody. I really like that.

I'm considering competing in July so trying to switch on into exercise mode to get my stamina up. Good luck to me!

Oh here is a song that somehow makes me want to train.

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