Saturday, 14 October 2017

On The Mat Day 897: The Path to Leglocks

Despite having a busted up knee, one that moves out of alignment when simply looking at it, I have been persisting with learning leglocks. The Modern Leglock Formula has really helped me delve deeper into the leglock game. It basically maps out all the leglock positions, outside ashi, standard ashi, 4-11, 50-50, discusses how to hold the position, entries, digging into the submission and how to finish. It even has a DVD for defense against leglockers. There is just so much content to get through but I've learned so much in the limited time going through it so far. I think I've also received a small level up having rolled with Imanari a few weeks ago. You just have to get a feel for how an expert leglocker goes about his business.

After a few weeks of minimum sparring and trying to strengthen my legs with squats and Turkish getups I've been sparring a few times. Things went well until I sparred on Wednesday and my knee came out of joint again. It's basically a common thing now, just a ticking time bomb. I can spar rounds for a few weeks then it will suddenly tell me to go fuck myself and dislocate. I really need to get it sorted this month so I dug out my hospital card to make an appointment Monday. I should keep a log of how that goes.

Anyhow, here are a few pics from sparring Wednesday.
Twister, yup, looks nasty but I assure you sir, I apply it extremely slowly

Reverse leg triangle on Yayoi. She's like a Tazmanian Devil so I have to use any means necessary to slow her down.

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