Wednesday, 6 September 2017

On The Mat Day 886: Leglocks

Things have been tough with work recently and with the North Korean missile looming over Japan I've been feeling a lot of stress. I went to class today feeling tired, probably from being stressed out and came away feeling refreshed. I read on the reddit/BJJ board somebody asking whether you ever get tired of BJJ? Well I do, for sure. It's hard work going mano-e-mano against someone. But it has the benefit of being able to just go into the club for an hour or so and focus on nothing else but the technique you are doing. The world outside just disappears and I am totally focused on what I am doing at the moment. I think a lot of people have the problem of not being able to live in the present. I know I do. Doing BJJ brings me back to the point in time where I am existing at that moment. That's why I can never quit doing it, despite the injuries, the pain that comes with it and the hard summers and winters training.

I've been slowly going through the Modern Leglock Formula. I'm sort of savouring every small piece of it and not rushing through it. I'm currently working on Standard Sankaku, Top Sankaku and Outside Sankaku. The tips on maintaining control of the opponent seem to be paying off as I am gaining confidence in simply holding my opponent in the leglock position and not going for submission. It's weird I suppose. To a layman it looks like I'm entangling my legs then just sitting there while my opponent (usually a lower belt for now) strains at getting out of the position.

Leglocks seems to be pairing up well with butterfly and single X that I am using now. I'm really enjoying changing up my game to something that stops people putting a lot of weight on me. I'm also doing nogi so I don't get my knee hurt again. Next month, I will take a trip to Mitsubishi hospital to get my knee sorted out. That will probably go on for months.

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