Saturday, 11 February 2017

On The Mat Day 802: Hiza Guruma

I'm currently revisiting an old technique that I used to enjoy doing. Sometimes you come across combination techniques that just seem to click with either your body type or physical ability. Collar drag/ankle pick and hiza guruma/osoto gari are mine. I'm quite decent at getting collar drag and hiza guruma but still need to work on the 2nd half of these combinations, namely ankle pick and o-soto gari.

I pushed a bit harder than usual yesterday and am feeling sore today. I still haven't started P90X. Work and the weather has kept me away from it. It's in the back of my mind all the time though and I need to start it soon because I want to compete this year and get into shape.

Today's rolling:

I'm very impressed with Hideya's progress. He is the first guy I spar with wearing the blue belt. His passing is getting very good and it helps that he is in excellent shape. I've no doubt that he could be a champion if he sticks at it.

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