Thursday, 26 January 2017

On the Mat Day 797: Knee Pain is Back

Again a really cold day. This week is probably the coldest this year.

There were a lot of people came to class. The third roll in I twisted my bad knee. The opponent went for a lockdown and I should of addressed it sooner by moving down his body instead of staying where I was. It's sometimes hard to feel the lockdown though until it is fully locked in place, especially since I was wearing shoes. I really need to be more wary of this.
Here is the point where it happened:

My knee feels a little swollen or heavy. I think I better rest it for a week or two and get back to squatting. Although I had planned to start p90X in a week from now. I don't think the joint will ever fully be sturdy without an operation. I have to be more careful.

Things I need to work on:
Half-guard passing, specifically underhook with one leg trapped while facing into the opponent and sitting on my side
Re-counter to leg-over choke if they use their arm, maybe move to arm triangle (head & arm choke)
Using the tail of the top or belt from the opponent to pin the leg so I can pull my leg out of half worked well, I should research that.

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