Thursday, 8 December 2016

On The Mat Day 782: Single X Guard Yoshida's Black Belt First Lesson

I haven't been to a class during the night in a long time. It felt weird driving to the dojo in the dark if not a little depressing since it is so cold right now. I much prefer to cycle to the gym under the sun, finish up and go have lunch somewhere nearby in the daytime.

Yoshida-san got his black belt and last night was his first lesson at black. As I requested, he taught single X-guard. This is a guard he is both very good at and has a lot of counters for. At the start, there was only myself and him, he took his black belt out of the package and asked me to tie it on him. It was sort of funny but a nice gesture by him to allow me to do that.

I also took along my action camera, an Akaso EK7000 4K camera (I can't afford a GoPro). I left the camera on the entire night during rolling after capturing the techniques he showed. I'm really happy I did because I think I can learn a lot from going back over the video of my rolling plus I can review the techniques. Take a look below at the camera quality. I'm surprised how much range and field of vision it has. It seems to be really good for capturing the entire room during sparring. The only negative is that the sound quality is crap. I may have to invest in a microphone when filming techniques.

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