Wednesday, 16 November 2016

On The Mat Day 772: Low on Stamina

I sparred today, quite hard in fact. Some days it's nice to let the engine go as fast as it can. I can't do this all the time though or that would ruin my body. James's guard is getting harder to pass because he has been working on a counter for each position. I see it like a spider web in my mind of what he does for each pass attempt. I just have to find a counter for each. Today, I simply worked on denying collar grips and putting pressure down. I also tried countering the straight arm framing by stepping around and grabbing the neck collar and coming over to armbar. It would have worked but I lost my balance.

I completely gassed against Kawazoe. He's a young athletic MMA guy. I just wanted to stand up and see if I could take him down. Too hard for me to do right now. I should probably go back to judo soon. He caught me with uchimata from which I quickly did a technical stand up. With a couple of minutes on the clock I was low on stamina and he passed and caught me in an armbar. Without stamina it is hard to think of technique. Stamina is king followed by technique. If you have the technique but a body that can't do as it's told then you will fail. I probably need to run a while to build stamina which was originally my plan. It's getting so cold right now though.

Squatting today was 77.5kg. Very heavy for me but my legs feel very strong. I'm still worried about my knee getting caught at an odd angle when I spar. Neck feels better than I thought consider how hard I sparred today.

Just need to start filling that tank up with gas.

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