Wednesday, 17 June 2015

On the Mat Day 631: Been a while since I trained at night

I've been feeling a bit knackered recently with the weather here (it is now the rainy season so very humid) and having not had a day off work for as long as I remember. I can usually tell my body is run down because I get cold sores. Those little shits - I hate them. They do sell a good over-the-counter cream here that wipes them out fast which I am thankful for.

Anyway, last night I was umming and arrring over going training since I am unable to go Wednesday due to work. Then I watched this and it resonated with me.

Don't be a malingerer I thought and so went to train instead.

 Watching this video and EBI3 got me up off my arse!

Since my neck is still not fully healed I have been limiting myself to 4 rounds of sparring. I sparred with Furukawa-san last night and accidentally hit him with my knee in the face. I felt so awful. It was just during passing. I told him that he is crazy for not wearing a mouthpiece but nobody does over here. He wasn't the only one who got hit in the face. Yuki also walked over with blood on his teeth. It's just stupid not to wear a mouthpiece it really is.

As always I was glad I went. Had a good couple rounds of movement, didn't re-injure myself and also got crushed under side control while fighting to get on my side.

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