Wednesday, 20 May 2015

On the Mat Day 624: Marco Barbosa class #2

Last night Marco Barbosa taught the class again. The theme was how to choke from mount Roger Gracie style. The technique was extremely painful and involved getting the first hand deep in the collar, using the head to base, coming around to the other side and using the elbow of the free hand to push against the opponent's jaw right beneath the ear. He showed it to me and it was the most painful thing I've experienced in BJJ. The point of his elbow was in the nerve cluster under my jaw, which forced my head to the side so the 2nd hand could clamp onto the shoulder and finish the choke. It's like getting a slow elbow into the side of the neck and I still feel pain in that region of my face today.

Another technique was also using the elbow on the side of the opponent's face under the cheekbone to turn their head. This was applied from top half-guard to complete a choke. I am not a fan of these painful techniques but they are amazingly effective. I'm not sure about using them all the time on my team-mates, perhaps I will from time to time but I can see everyone hating me if I did.

After three rounds of sparring last night I have decided to bite the bullet and take a whole month off training. It's not something I want to do because I had to do this last Summer when I injured my groin muscle. I am tired of constantly being in pain in the morning so I need to take a long rest. It's important that I keep in shape during this period. Perhaps cycle or swim, do lots of stretching and yoga as well as eat better.I plan to be back on the mat from June 16th. I also need to take a trip to the physio to check there are no problems with the skeletal structure of my neck.

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