Sunday, 14 December 2014

On the Mat Day 557: Dark Influences

The one thing about training BJJ that I benefit from the most is the fact that you are surrounded by positive people who never have anything bad to say about you. Your training partners may crush you in side control, choke you until you see the world closing in around you or throw you to the mat with such force that the air rushes out of your lungs, but at the end of the day they are there to build you up so that you become a better person. The dojo is a place full of good energy and people with the same goal.

It was never so apparent how important my time with my BJJ training partners is and how much I take their positivity for granted than when I went out for drinks last night with some friends who don't train and have never had their egos crushed on the mat. These friends probed, nudged and teased about various topics with the aim of making themselves feel good at the expense of putting me in a foul mood. I'm just no longer prepared or willing to allow myself to sit with people who are self-fulfilling and do not have my best interests at heart. I ask myself, does spending time with this person(s) make me happy? When the answer is "no", then they can no longer be called friend.

I cannot wait to get back on the mat tomorrow to shake off these dark influences.

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