Monday, 1 December 2014

On the Mat Day 551: Some success with new moves

I really think that the drilling class every Sunday morning is helping with my jiu-jitsu. It allows me to segment techniques and put them into compartments when I need them. It makes me think about problems that I face during sparring. For example, I've been mostly focusing on escapes and then guard passes versus different guards this month. As a result of drilling, my mind is faster to tell my body what technique I need at the required time so my ability to escape and pass the guard has improved. I've been getting a lot of success with guard passing knee shield and attacking a turtled opponent from the front using a peruvian neck tie. It was at first hard to get the feeling of where I am choking down but with drilling it my hand position has improved making the choke more effective.

There were something like 7 people in the morning class today which was amazing. I got to spar with a young guy of 28 who was very physically strong because of his job as a fireman. I asked him to go again later for a 2nd round because I want to get good at controlling and dominating opponents who are stronger but less technical than me. I had great success with the gringo sweep from closed guard on him after tying his arm and head up in a gable grip. This was a great sweep and I should drill it a lot more.

I can't wait until January so that I can get back into working out in the morning and getting fit for summer. I feel like I have lots of energy and drive to become a strong purple belt in 2015. This year has been tough with injury and the fact that I have constantly felt like I have stagnated. Apparently, this is normal at purple belt where many try to work on their holes as I have done with takedowns and escapes.

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