Wednesday, 12 November 2014

On the May Day 542: Busy Working

A busy work schedule has made me miss a lot of training at the start of this month. It has been my busiest time since starting to work for myself. This and the injury has really set me back this year. It's a pity because it has been an exciting time lately for the club because F-sensei went to the US to complete. Unfortunately, he lost the first match and looked completely tired when he got back last week on Tuesday. He then went on to win the Asia Open 2014. A couple of other people competed and there have been some folks arriving at the club to train with us and a couple of new young guys in their 20s starting training here.

Hopefully, I'll heal up by the end of the year and get back into shape again and try to compete next year. That's my goal anyway. Get in shape, train more often and compete to see where I am.

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