Monday, 20 October 2014

On the Mat Day 535: Morning Mat Time and Rehabilitation

I attended class this morning. I like training at 11 am then finishing around 12.30 noon because I have the rest of the day to do what I want. It was raining quite badly during class and I thought I would have to postpone my bike ride to Kanayama to see a friend but it eventually stopped and I went to see him.

My friend is a physiotherapist and getting ready to go to Taiwan and work with the Guam football national team that will be over there to compete in the Asia tournament. He used me to work on his taping techniques for the ankle, shoulder, hamstring and also showed me how to apply an ACE elastic bandage to support my groin strain. It was actually amazing how well it worked and I plan to use it during training from now. He also broke down the scar tissue on a ligament in my abdomen that has been my main problem recently. It aches constantly and hurt a lot every time I lift my knee when standing. He explained that there is a lot of scar tissue around the ligament that will probably take another 2-3 sessions to remove. The scar tissue is broken down and then realigns itself along the ligament in the correct path and will actually make it stronger in the end. Right now though, it is preventing full movement in the area so is driving me crazy with the pain.

At class we did mount escapes but I've been really focusing on Marcelo Garcia type side escapes. I noticed how he makes a frame when under side control and pushes up to break the underhook on the neck. I tried it today and it worked. I actually went "Oh!" as I felt the opponent's hands pop off from around my neck and totally forgot about continuing the escape. Until now I've usually thought it bad to push up against the opponent from this position but if MG does it then it has to be right.

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