Saturday, 5 July 2014

On the Mat Day 509: International Night

When I got to the dojo K-sensei mentioned that he thought Friday might turn out to be an international night. He was correct in the end. Not many Japanese guys turned up but Matt, James, Christiano and I were there so you have 4 different nationalities right there. Yoshida, as always turned up. He is training a lot lately and working hard on his passing game for sure. Miura came later also.

We worked on Kesa-gatame osaekomi. How to transition to side control by pushing into them with your backside and then switching legs. We also were taught Jiboe and kicking the top leg over their head and finishing with the armbar. This was a great move which if they defend against you can transition to an Americana. It is a very good setup which I plan to work into my attacks.

I'm still trying to stay loose and use power only when necessary i.e. to complete passes or to finish a submission or a takedown. I've been fairly successful at doing this and have much more energy to continue rolling - I like how this experiment is progressing.

I rolled with James for the first time. He seems to like leglock attacks and I welcome this because very few people use them at our club so I get to work defence. If time permits, I will do some rounds of nogi with him, too. There are now very few tournaments in our area for nogi however, in comparison with when I first started. Still, it's good to have other aspects of BJJ to work on.

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