Saturday, 19 October 2013

On the Mat Day 421: Ow My Back!

Yesterday, I had a good scrap with Atsushi as we sparred. I try to stand with him as much as possible since he is a big strong guy. We exchanged some grip fighting. He likes to grab over the top of the collar so I usually strip it with both hands and try to force the arm down in an old fashioned aikido style standing armlock. He's too strong for me so it doesn't work but I did manage to get my own grips for sumi-nage and threw him, he managed to turn his legs towards me though and I went to pass and he caught me in a triangle - damn his legs are so strong. I kicked my legs over his torso and pulled back with my body to break the grip of his legs. It worked but only later did I realize I had hurt my lower back. I have a terrible twinge in the muscle on the lower left side. It prevented me from having a good sleep last night because each turn caused a wince of pain. I really feel like an old geezer today each time I walk around. It's probably a small tear in the muscle so I am taking ibuprofen and putting ice on it. Hopefully, I will be better soon. It was a sharp reminder that we are moving into colder weather and I need to warm up better from now on.

Things of note:

During over under pass or passing over an open half-guard, I really need to actually grab material with my hands instead of cupping to prevent the triangle.

I'm getting better at predicting patterns in my opponent's movement. It is actually now starting to feel like chess where I have my mind prepared for what the opponent will do.

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