Tuesday, 10 September 2013

On the Mat Day 408: Some Success with Takedowns

Monday at training I usually designate this as the night that I push myself hard. I don't let myself be dominated and am all in it for myself. I managed to land a judo throw against an opponent (uchi-mata to ouchi-gari combination) and it worked so effortlessly it surprised me. I also went for a single leg and really concentrated on keeping my spine straight so that the opponent had no chance of stuffing the tackle or locking onto my neck with a guillotine.

I've also bought a judo dogi as well as buying my son a new size so that we can go and train together. I won't be taking judo too seriously but would love to get a stronger base for standing versus judo players and the ability to take down non-judo types easily. It will hopefully make my son enjoy judo more.

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