Thursday, 5 September 2013

On the Mat Day 406: Tete returns from Vietnam

There was a huge storm last night, the thunder made the floor of my house vibrate but it faded by the time I had to go to the BJJ club. I was the first one there, even though I was much later than usual, and expected it would end up being a private lesson. However, a guy turned up with his son so all was good. Then later Tete came. He is a black belt who is living in Vietnam since he was sent their by his company, Brother. Apparently, he has mostly been doing nogi over there and it felt like he was a little slower than he used to be to get his grip on the gi. He is still damn good though. It's a pleasure to watch him roll because he is very smooth and is always one step ahead. I really enjoyed watching him against my instructor at the end of the night.

I sparred with him and secured a spider lasso hook and a reverse dela Riva hook. Then moved into Kiss of the Dragon, which was surprisingly easy to do. I failed to get a grip on the belt though so he turned out. I've been thinking of moves to do with the lasso spider hook versus standing opponents and it has mostly been to invert and omoplata until now but last night I saw how easy it was to do the Kiss of the Dragon technique, I will do this more often and perfect it.

The video I posted the other day has been taken down from Youtube. Apparently, it was an illegal upload. So, the first thing I did was search among F-sensei's DVDs to see if he had it. It was sitting there on the shelf, cover facing me like it had been waiting for me to come get it. I was so happy because the details and sheer number of techniques he shows for the 93 guard is amazing. K-sensei turned up last night to say hello. He is still in mourning because of his father's death but he seems cheerful enough. He also mentioned how great the 93 guard is, and how it doesn't require much strength or flexibility to pull off.

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