Saturday, 10 August 2013

On the Mat Day 397: Drenched in Sweat

We had not even started sparring, and all I had done was assist K-sensei as Uke to show the moves, and a ton of sweat was just pouring off me like crazy. The heat, the rash guard and the kimono on top of it is just making me melt so that wherever I go, I leave pools of sweat in my wake. I still enjoyed the class but God, I wish this heat wave of 40 degrees Celsius would end.

Dmitri brought along his brother Daniel for class. It was cool to meet him and see him go at it with the others. I'm sure he will keep training and getting bigger and stronger like his brother and do well. Hopefully, he will also cross train BJJ with Judo. I should take a note out of my own book and get started on taking Judo classes. My brain was turning over all last night thinking about going to the Judo class with my son, realizing that the sensei there would pick and prod if I wore a BJJ kimono, and they would all want to come at me for ground work. I just want to support my son in so he continues Judo. He came to me today asking if he really had to go. Since he had been on Thursday, I let him off going today because I could feel that if I pushed him too hard, he would start to hate it. We agreed that once a week would be enough for now. He told me one of the reasons that he did not want to go was because he was weak. Which isn't true. He just needs better technique. I myself are still hunting for that elusive side of BJJ. Technique over strength.

A new guy came last night. He is the friends of another white belt and apparently went to a reputable Judo school in Aichi. He called Dmitri out and they went for two rounds, just dancing around Judo style trying to throw each other. I was tempted to tell them to go get a room or better still walk down the road to the next Judo club. It kind of rubs me the wrong way that Judo guys come in and are super aggressive but I realize it's just the nature of the beast. Unfortunately, I never got to spar with him because he was too fixated on Dmitri.

Oh, and I bought a ton of Asai from Toshi my BJJ Asai supplier...Yum!

All your Asai belongs to meez!

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