Thursday, 4 July 2013

On the Mat Day 388: Jiu Jitsu - Changes You

I've been changing a lot recently. Not physically or technique-wise. I mean inside. Jiu-jitsu, since I started doing it almost 4 years ago, has woken something in me. I used to be content with the mundane life - go to work, talk to boring people who all seem unhappy, shun strangers, not be curious about anything, just simply let the wheels spin.

Now I am very different. The way I think about life and what I want out of it has changed. I don't care about money (although it's important) or my career or anything the multitudes on this planet care about, I only care about being happy and content. Rolling brings me happiness for sure. I am in the moment not thinking about anything except how to sweep, throw or submit my opponent. I think about new positions, techniques and such. This has created a curiosity in me that has probably lain dormant since I was a teenager.

I am almost done with my company job. A job I've worked at for almost 9 years. I feel like I have broken off some kind of invisible shackles. I look forward to whatever happens next no matter which way it goes - for worse or better. It's a change in my evolution. I am scraping off the rust and moving again. Jiu-jitsu has give me this lust for improvement and I am thankful for it.

Sparring time: 9 x 5 mins = 45 mins

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